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Tips To Create Engaging And Interesting Social Media Posts

Better Social Media Posts For Social Media Marketing.


Posting blogs, videos, infographics, or any content in social media platforms is simple where you just have to click the share button. When you put in complete efforts and dedication, there are chances for you to get good results. Social media is a super crowded platform and it is simple to get attention and engagement. In this blog, we have shared tips for developing effective social media posts.

Best practices when creating headlines

Ensure the headlines of social media posts are engaging. It is important to utilize every trick for improving click-through rates. Some of the best practices include:

  • Trigger emotion or curiosity
  • Create urgency
  • Ask a question
  • Utilize numbers
  • Promise a particular benefit

Remember, key phrases are not important in social media.

Emojis and special characters

Emojis and special characters help in adding visual prominence. Ensure how these characters look unique on the page. For example:

A pointing finger (☞) looks better and attractive.

An arrow (→) is the best option to get attention to the website link you have included in the social media post.

By adding a checkmark, you can show that it requires action.

A star (★) helps in making your post stand unique and out.

Certain social media platforms support emojis. Remember, not to overdo it. Ensure to include playful and informal characters according to the tone and voice of the brand. If not, it has chances to disappoint your boss.

An attractive second headline

By including a second headline, there are chances for the reader to be engaged. It offers them a clear idea about your content. As you have plenty of space, you can write two headlines. It attracts readers and gets them engaged.

Line breaks

Certain marketers employ this strategy. It is the best way to make your tweets or contents stand out. With line breaks, the vertical length of the social posts looks large and it becomes famous in social media. The extra white space helps the text not to look crowded. Except for LinkedIn, all the social platforms permit line breaks.

Hashtag - A Clickable Topic Or Keyword.

Use Hashtags wisely

A clickable topic or keyword is the hashtag. For example #blogtips #contentwriting etc. It helps in improving your social media post’s visibility. When a person clicks the hashtag, they can view all the posts connected with the hashtag. It is good if they come across yours. It is bad when someone clicks the hashtag after reading your post instead of clicking the link on the content. Utilize hashtags only if you think your contents are worth clicking on rather than other content with the same hashtag. Remember, on Instagram, you cannot include links. So, you have to use only hashtags. There are no chances for the readers to get diverted and it is the reason Instagram has lots of hashtags.


If you have decided to publish on social media, you need to focus on images. They are very important for the success of your post or tweet. Research continuously shows that posts with visually attractive images get more engagement, clicks, and shares. As the platform is a visual space, you have to be cautious when adding images. If the website is accurately programmed, the images of the article would appear exactly in the social platform when shared. If you have included a compelling image like the diagram, you need to include it manually. Certain social websites help you in including a small gallery of images. Develop fresh images and utilize them in social posts. It has more chances to get attractions and a vast reader base. If possible, you can also create videos and describe the article.

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