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If you have decided to set up a blog for your new startup or small business, you should ensure to make use of the powerful marketing strategy. It helps in defining your brand and generates more leads to business.

Many new business bloggers find certain things challenging when starting a new business blog. One of the major challenges is generating regular content for blogs. In this blog, let us discuss some important small business blog ideas that will help in building customer relations and draw new customers. We have also shared about small business blog topics that work excellent for all industries.

1. Why did you begin your business?

Use your business blog to share your story and passion for the business. Why did you begin the business? What is motivating you to pursue success and work hard in the competitive field? When you add such motivating contents to your blog, the readers respect and get to know your business better. Moreover, such posts will make consumers get connected to your purpose and brand personality.

It is interesting to read posts created by the company founders or CEO. However, you can also request employees and team members who are passionate about their service or product to write blog posts. Another great idea is interviewing and appointing a dedicated writer for your business. You can share your ideas and other inputs and the writer could draft your thoughts as a blog.

2. Discuss the customer’s pain points

When seeking your services, there are chances to experience certain problems. Blog posts should focus on the pain points of the customers and also how your product or service offers a solution. It is the best way to connect with your customers as well as share certain subtle promotion pieces. Most prospective customers are influenced by numerous points. So, the topic or blog posts would keep your audience engaged for a long time.

3. Compare or review and contrast peripheral products

One of the popular blog formats is compare and contrast blog or the product review. It breaks down the pros and cons and features of complementary or peripheral services. These blogs assist you to stand in the top position in the industry. It also attracts new visitors who do not know how much or why they require your product.

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4. Display new product launches

Whenever you are launching a service or product, ensure to make complete use of social media and blogging tools. It is best to develop blogs concentrating on new products. The posts should be written in simple language. It should also discuss how your service solves the issue and eliminates the customer’s pain points. The blog should not only offer information about your service or product but also explain how to care, use it in everyday life, and how to associate it.

5. Customer success story

Obtaining positive feedback from your customers is a motivating factor for your business and your existing and new customers. When you get positive feedback, request permission, and convert the feedback into a post. Utilize the post to get more customer stories.

6. Disagree with a famous opinion

One of the simple ways to get high traffic on your website is by taking a contrary situation and stirring up controversy.

7. Mention a famous post

When you come across a post that is relevant to your niche but written by an unknown blogger, you can add your opinions and connect it to the real post. Ensure to inform the blogger that you are linking and connecting their post.

8. Discuss trends

When you share things that are changing in the industry, you convey authority.

9. Start your question

You can directly ask the customers about themselves. Just question and they would develop the content.

10. Answer questions that are asked frequently

By creating a FAQ post, you can save the customer time and showcase you are responsive.

11. Mention a popular person in your blog

When you mention a celebrity or popular person in your blog, the readers would automatically relate.

12. Post a video

A video post helps in creating variety to your blog. You can create videos about a promotional event or preview of your new product.

13. Review a book

If you come across any book that you think your customers may like, you can just review the book in your blog.

14. Develop an infographics

Fun and fact-filled posts with good graphics get sufficient likes and shares in social media. If your infographics are too good, there are chances for you to get more tweets than you expect.

15. Staff profiles

Share the main employees behind your business by writing about seasoned or new employees. You can tell how they help and support your business.

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