Month: January 2019

Blog Inclusion – An Overview

Many people may be asking themselves, what is blog inclusion? Basically, blog inclusion is accepting money in exchange for mentioning a company or a product on your blog. Note that this does not necessarily need to be positive feedback – companies might want their products and services to be reviewed for market research purposes or […]

Blog Inclusion » The Three-Word Rule

Pioneers of every form of objective media have had to decide whether to invite commercialization to the picture or not. TV, radio, newspaper, magazine, etc. have all had to decide whether the media would be sustained by contributions from supporters (viewers, readers, government, etc.) or by sponsorship. Historically, when a new form of media has […]

Buying Opinions – Blog Inclusion

In this day and age opinions are bought and sold every form of media. Sometime it may take the form of an outright cash purchase, but more commonly it takes a more subtle form – taking an editor out to a nice dinner or sending them some free merchandise (commonly referred to as “schwag”). A […]

Five Easy Blogging Tips For A Profitable Blog

Creating a blog is an easy way to get started making money online. However, as with any business, you need to keep your eye on your blog’s profitability. If you’re new to blogging, these five tips will help you to make money with your blog. 1. Set blog goals Ideally, you should set your blog’s […]