Month: May 2019

How to start a blog?

What in the world is up with the world of blogs? Blogs are meant to be this great new technology where people can share their ideas and interests with others around the globe. As far as I’m concerned the state of blogs is one of chaos, confusion, and anti-interactivity. The other day I decided to […]

Powerful Benefits of Blogging.

There is a great deal of hype and talk about blogs, but when one strips them down and looks at them clearly, they discover that a blog is nothing more than a web site. In essence, a blog is a website featuring an easy to use content management system that allows for quick updating in […]

How to make money through google adsense?

One of the most popular ways of making a blog into a profit center is via the use of Google’s Adsense program. You agree to display contextual advertising served up from Google on your site. In exchange, Google will pay you for everyone who finds those ads and clicks on them. Your blog becomes the […]

How to add google adsense to blogger?

Many bloggers rely upon revenue created by Google’s popular contextual advertising program, Adsense. In all honesty, Adsense has probably been the driving force behind the increased level of interest in using blogs as a revenue producing tool. However, not all bloggers are able to use Adsense and it may not meet the specific needs of […]