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How Is The Healthcare Industry Making Use of Social Media?

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Connecting The Realm of Social Media With The Healthcare Industry

Social media is ubiquitous, versatile, and unavoidable. It is a prolific platform for businesses to find their footing and spread their wings. Almost all kinds of businesses have embraced the social media to connect, communicate, market and underline their presence in a competent commercial world.

Not to be outdone, the healthcare industry is utilizing social media to engage patients and end-users like never before. It has become the perfect alternative to traditional advertising methods. When we explore the connection between social media and the healthcare industry, there are some profoundly obvious facts that we can see for ourselves.

  • Consumers use social media to connect to other patients, to learn about similar ailments, treatment methods and to find psychological support.
  • Consumers share their experiences with doctors, medical staff and medical facilities.
  • Many patients tend to seek information to make informed decisions regarding doctors, hospitals and methods of treatment.

Harnessing The Power Of Social Media

Healthcare professionals are going out on a limb to make maximum use of social media. The general aim is to enhance their services and provide accurate information to consumers. Here are some points that prove the benefits of social media in healthcare:

Sharing crucial information:

With social media, information is only a click away. The healthcare industry is making optimum use of these platforms to provide information to anyone who might be in need of it.

On social media platforms, one can find information about:

  • Warnings of disease outbreaks and other health hazards.
  • Updating information about new technologies in treatments.
  • Spreading awareness about diseases that are highly misunderstood and misinterpreted.
  • Introducing new doctors and specialists.
  • Offering general information on pre and post surgical care.
  • Offering latest updates regarding the practice or speciality.
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Online training of medical personnel:

Online training of young medical trainees has broken the mandatory norm of medical students being physically present during a training session. Trainees are encouraged to join social media groups to make the session more lively and interactive. Participants can also come forth with questions and opinions just like they do in a real classroom.

Healthcare organizations are also benefiting enormously with these online training sessions. Organizations use live or recorded sessions to engage consumers and thereby enhance their presence on social media.

Keeping the community connected:

Nothing connects the community during a crisis like social media does. Users look up to the portals of trusted healthcare institutions to get updates on the communicable diseases, their symptoms, spreading patterns,etc to keep themselves safe.

An active social media presence allows healthcare professionals to put out vital information during a time of crisis. The current Covid-19 situation is a perfect example of how social media benefits the healthcare industry. Since the very beginning of the pandemic, many doctors have posted informative videos to thwart the rising fear and anxiety amongst the public. With limited access to healthcare during the lockdown, doctors have made themselves accessible for online consultations.

Controversial Implications Of Social Media

With most social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook having the option to relay live videos, doctors and surgeons are using them to provide live telecasts and updates from the OT. The medical world has not been very accepting of this controversial trend that has given rise to conflicting opinions.

Closing thoughts

But for a few controversial aspects, healthcare professionals have largely benefitted with the growth of social media. It is a valuable asset to healthcare organizations that are forever seeking new horizons in the field of medicine and medical care. The trick lies in knowing how to make sensible use of this huge technological boon.

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