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Significance of Blogging in Today’s Time

Significance of Blog.


There are those in the online community who tend to look down their noses at blogs, seeing them as nothing more than vanity sites–a public version of what used to be a personal journal or diary. When they hear the word “blog,” it conjures up images of angst-ridden teens sharing their own poetry, of ill-informed zealots spouting off their personal politics, of techno-geeks babbling amongst each other about new technological developments and of self-absorbed individuals posting photo after photo of their pet house cat, believing that the rest of the world actually cares. There is some truth to this sentiment. Part of the blog explosion stemmed from the opportunity to make one’s voice instantly and readily available to the rest of the world to hear. Many people who have little of real importance to say, but who have a strong drive to say it do operate their own blogs. There is a lot of noise out there and way too many pictures of cats. However, those who discount blogs as mere exercise in vanity and self-indulgence are missing out on a powerful moneymaking opportunity. Blogs should be eschewed as a passing fad.

Although the tool we call a blog has been misappropriated by some who feel the latest pictures of Fifi sleeping beside the keyboard passes for quality content, a closer examination of blogs shows a great deal of potential for revenue production. If someone told you it was possible to produce an attractive, easy to use website that allowed you to regularly post instantly categorized and organized content using a highly efficient interface, what would you do? Undoubtedly, you would ask them exactly how this could be accomplished. The answer to your question can be found at the root of Boring Betty’s Daily Diary. The answer is a blog. Blogs allow users to build content rich sites with very little effort. Most platforms allow one to produce an endless series of presentation options and to organize their material into categories, as well as chronologically.

Bulking up the site is easy. You get the content. You click a button and the platform software does the rest. The ease of use is what spurred your crazy Uncle to update the world about his crackpot “who shot Kennedy” theories. The attractive output is what led the girl down the street to make her love letters to a pop star a matter of public record. The very impetus that has led to so many otherwise useless blogs is exactly what makes them an efficient money maker. If you have avoided hopping on the blog bandwagon because it all seems like an over-hyped fad, it is time to take another, more objective look at blogging. Look at what blogging can do for you, not what other people are doing with it. Blogs are a remarkably flexible tool and one that you can utilize to build winning sites–whether you take pictures of your cat or not. Joe Hebert is the webmaster of Daily Domain Availability,

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