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Seven Ways To Engage Your Kids To Write Blogs

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Education blog ideas to engage your students in blog writing

The internet has invaded every aspect of human life, and education is not far behind. While the multitude of information available over the internet is a boon to the student life, as a caregiver you might be equally concerned about the traps of the virtual world. How could the internet aid for overall academic development for youngsters? The smarter young generation can be engaged in the art of writing blogs for a purpose. The idea is to encourage the kids to write blogs and invite real-time feedback for their blogs. The activity is the best way to assess the student’s progress by involving a real audience and authentic feedback.

That said, teachers or parents may find it hard to find out ideas to engage students in writing worthy blogs. Find out some interesting educational blog ideas for your students in the following section.

How does blog writing benefit students?

Blog writing is a fantastic way of improving language skills and enhancing the confidence of young writers. Blog writing opens up for the students, the experiences of becoming good observers, taking the ownership of content they are creating, as well as understanding the readers. Blog writing also instils the quality of exploring new information and the skills of writing an article for the public.

Try following the seven awesome education blog ideas given below to instil all the skills mentioned above in your students.

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Seven education blog ideas


Diary or journal that inspired blogs to be what it is today is apparently the best content idea that can be assigned for the students. Ask students to compile a memoir of their favourite event in the past or to keep a journal of all exciting things they did over a week. The journal is an excellent way of beginning the practice of blogging for potential writers.


After the kids gain enough confidence in writing diary entries, it is time to encourage them to write an opinion about anything. The summary can be about anything from a piece of news to their favourite chapter. You can also ask the kids to draw their favourite characters and display that in their blogs.


Though the word may be a bit unclear for the young minds, you can encourage inculcating the interest by explaining to them about different professions. Once they have completed the task, you can request adults of different occupations to comment on their blogs.


Young kids can be encouraged to write reviews about their favourite television programs or movies in their blog. They can mention the elements they liked in the program or about the beloved characters.


This may be the perfect content ideas for the kid’s blogs. Encourage the kids to form a team of their choice to develop a menu of their liking. They could give names to dishes as they like and if possible, can add pictures to enhance the visual appeal of their blogs. It might be an exciting task for the kids as they get a chance to work as a team and also to name dishes as they wish.


Kids are the master creators when it comes to dreams. They are the ones who can develop weirdest of stories in their goals. Ask the students to write down their dreams as blogs.


Each kid has different talents. Ask the kids to do anything creative and take a picture of their craft. Display their artworks in the blogs and also encourage them to write a description of the art. If possible, embed the audio or video recordings of their talents into the blogs.

The ideas mentioned in the article give only the content ideas. The parents and teachers should make it a point to post comments to their kids’ blog regularly for motivation.

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