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Benefits Of Writing Student Blogs And Five Best Student Blogs

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Five awesome student blogs that can inspire students

In an era of Facebook and Whatsapp, there is no dearth of platforms to express yourself. Multitudes of social media sites have become an inevitable part of millennials and post-millennials who love living life virtually. But have you ever thought about utilizing an online platform to grow as a student? If you thought scribbling in journals of social media is more than enough, then you might need a rethinking. Instead of vanishing amidst the sea of thoughts, start creating blogs where you can post your thoughts and remain visible. Not only that, but blogs are also an excellent format where you can address countless ideas and have a better understanding of the world around. It can engage the students in the continuous process of thinking as well as improving their writing skills. This article will take you through a few awesome student blogs that can inspire you to start your own.

Student blogs that can motivate you to start blogging

Generation Alpha is definitely an awesome bunch of individuals who like to have an opinion about anything and everything. Whether it is politics, feminism, foods, or environment, this new generation is a bundle of information and opinion; thanks to the millions of data that free flows through the internet savouring their quests. What more can be the best place other than blogs to blurt out their thoughts and gain hundreds of followers? Check out the following student blogs that are written and maintained by students, and proves to be excellent motivators to those who would like to pursue the same.

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Top five student blogs

Women of colour, in solidarity

Women of colour, in solidarity, is an excellent blog maintained by a team of three bloggers who write against racism, body shaming, marginalization, classism and sexism. The blog is a significant example for the students who wish to start their blog where they can share other’s stories, photographs or GIFs.

The healthy hangover

Healthy hangover is a blog that compiles a list of recipes suitable for student review as well as blogs that explain vivid topics that include anything relevant to the food and hospitality industry. Watch out for the awesome recipes detailed on this blog.

Student minds

Students and mental issues are inseparable. Check out the blog ‘Students minds’ that is maintained by students, where individuals are encouraged to share stories of their challenges and connect with similar folks. University life is nothing short of a great hurdle, where homesickness and stress make student life difficult. Hence, blogs like these can help students who are suffering, to a great extent.

High street beauty junkies

This blog, maintained by a student in Cardiff, covers a wide range of topics from beauty to mental struggles. Take a cue from her blogs that succeed in covering issues that generate curiosity among the student audiences. She has entered journals about her experience about being an anorexic as well as travelogues spanning different parts of Europe.

Jemimah Wei

A blogger who had started blogging since she was a student from 2007 is an excellent example of an exceptional student blog. The blog is a collection of travelogues, advises on flights and accommodations and various other topics ranging from literature to fashion.

Student blogs are a fantastic way to connect readers who share the same tastes as well as a platform to pour out your likes and dislikes. Ponder over this idea of student blog and come out with one yourself.

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