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Writing A Successful And Profitable Blog

How To Start A Successful and Profitable Blog.


Writers are always looking for new and profitable writing jobs. So here’s a job you may not have considered: blogging. To get blog jobs, you need one thing: a blog. This “sample” blog not only shows your expertise at writing, but will also make money for you. Here’s how to create your first profitable blog, which will also get you hired as a blogger.

1. Plan – find a focus for your blog Your first step is to plan your blog. This is the most important step, because it determines the success or failure of your blog. If you just want to get blog jobs from your sample blog you may not think that creating a successful blog is important, but look at it this way – if your blog is successful, it has the potential to earn you fantastic income (top blogs earn $1000 a day and more), so planning for success is just common sense.You must find a focus for your blog – a topic to blog about. Your topic can be anything at all: sport, entertainment, a celebrity, pets… Choose a topic. Focusing your blog is vital, so you can attract readers.

2. Write articles for your blog Your blog must have content, to attract readers in its own right, and also to attract people who want to hire you to blog for them. Write some articles on your blog’s topic to provide that content. Remember your focus, and stay focused on your topic. Your blog is NOT an “online journal”, it’s a tool which will get you writing jobs, and which may even turn into a fully fledged business.

3. Add information about yourself and your writing skills As your blog becomes popular, you’ll get readers, and some of those readers will be looking for bloggers. Therefore you need to ensure that everyone who visits your blog knows that they can hire you to blog for them.Create an “About” page, which focuses on your writing skills, and lets people know that they can hire you to write for them. Your About page MUST include your contact details – your email address, Skype address, and IM address too. Make it easy for people to contact you. You can also add a small “Hire Me” graphic in your sidebar. It’s vital that you let people know that you’re available to write. I coach writers, so I know that if a writer tells me that his blog hasn’t won him any blog jobs, I know it’s because he’s hiding the fact that he’s available to write for others. People skim Web pages. They don’t think, and they don’t know you. Unless you tell them, they have no way of knowing that you’re available to write for them – so you must advertise it as much as possible on your blog.So not only should you have an “About” page which tells people you’re available, you need a note in your sidebar, and you should also add a sentence about your availability at the bottom of each blog post. The sentence can say something like: “Need a blogger? I’m available to blog for you. Contact me for further information.”

4. Get readers by joining blog directories There are dozens of blog directories. Join one or two. They’ll help you to become part of the blogosphere, the community of bloggers. Other bloggers will read your blog, and will point you in the direction of blog jobs. So there you have a brief outline of how to write a successful and profitable blog, which will get you blog jobs. Discover the secrets to making money blogging with Angela Booth’s blogging bestseller, “Blogging for Dollars”. This blogging ebook has a companion blog, the Blogging for Dollars Blog which offers daily blogging tips.

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