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Four Easy Tips To Make Money Blogging

Tips To make money with your blog.


Related Searches Interested in creating your own writing business? One of the fabulous new ways of making money freelance writing is via blogging. Essentially, blogging is writing snippets of from 200-400 words and “posting” them to a blog. Lets look at four easy tips which will help you to make money blogging. But firstly, let’s discuss how much you can earn. Some prominent bloggers are making a thousand dollars a day. No this is not a misprint. Blogging — depending on the traffic your blog achieves — can be very profitable indeed. These are the blogging stars — some make more than a thousand dollars a day. Of course there are many people who are not making as much money as these best-selling bloggers, they’re making anywhere from 50 to hundred dollars a day.

However any blog has the potential to become a blogging super-star. Here are your four tips:

1. Start blogging – you learn by doing The first step is to create your own blog. You can create your own blog in minutes on the Blogger Web site. Blogger is owned by Google, so Blogger blogs are indexed very quickly: this means that people will be able to find your new blog quickly. But what will your new blog to be about? Your new blog will be about anything you choose. This blog is simply a sample of your writing and blogging. You need a sample blog to show the people who will hire you that you know how blogging works. Create a 5-10 posts — each blog entry is called a “post”. Make your blog entries 200-400 words in length. Eventually you will want to create a large blog of anywhere from 200-1000 posts, however 5-10 posts is enough to get you started.

2. Create a fast blog to act as your portfolio Once you’ve created your sample blog, it’s time to create a simple one page blog which will act as your blogging portfolio. Yes, you need a separate blog to act as your portfolio, this is where you will direct at people who respond to your advertising. And of course it’s also where you will direct people when you apply for blog jobs.

3. Blog for a couple of weeks – learn by doing With your two blogs created, just keep blogging for a couple of weeks. Leave comments on others’ blogs, so that your traffic increases.

4. Get blog jobs – be paid to blog Now you know how to blog, it’s time to get some blog jobs. Some bloggers blog for a stable of 20-30 blogs. Naturally they’re making a great income. Make sure that you add a Hire Me! link to your blogs. People need to know that you’re are available to blog for them, and they will only know if you tell them. There are many venues online home which you can search for blog jobs. Some venues are specialists in blog jobs, but all the large career and job hunting sites offer blog jobs too. So there you have for easy tips which will help you to make money blogging from home. Blogging is a fantastic writing business. Blogging is fast, and it’s easy: get a free blog tutorial from Angela Booth and set up a blog in less than 90 seconds. For a complete home business in a blog, you need Angela’s Blogging for Dollars ebook package – it’s been creating happy and successful pro bloggers for two years. Related Searches

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