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How to add google adsense to blogger?

Steps To Add Google Adsense In Blogger.


Many bloggers rely upon revenue created by Google’s popular contextual advertising program, Adsense. In all honesty, Adsense has probably been the driving force behind the increased level of interest in using blogs as a revenue producing tool. However, not all bloggers are able to use Adsense and it may not meet the specific needs of some other users. If you have a blog that produces a nice stream of traffic and are looking for alternatives to Adsense, you may want to consider some of these options: Adgenta. Adgenta is a keyword based advertising program that allows users to insert ads into their blog. Every time an ad is clicked, the blogger is paid a flat rate of $.015US. Adsense determines which ads to display based on its own assessment of your page’s content. Adgenta, on the other hand, allows you to choose which keywords you would like it to use in choosing advertisements.

This can be a great solution for those who have pages that fail to serve up relevant Adsense ads or for those who tend to get only very low paying ads and feel there are related subjects that would induce clicks from users. Adgenta’s interface is simple and sign up is free. The ads are actually inserted into your site using simple HTML blocks and the ads are actually linked graphics, unlike the more complicated script used by Adsense. Yahoo. Yahoo has launched YPN, its version of Adsense and preliminary reports indicate that it may be a profitable solution for those unable to use Adsense. The Yahoo system works in a manner various similar to Adsense, and Adsense users should be able to utilize the program easily. Although still in its infancy, the program is backed by a major player, which lends it a greater degree of long-term reliability.

Unfortunately, the YPN project is still in beta and one must apply for or receive an invitation to participate. Ad Networks. Instead of relying on a pay-per-click model, many bloggers have decided to sell space on their blogs for advertising. This can be accomplished by the blogger directly or through the use of an ad brokerage. Those who feel your blog will attract the type of audience likely to find their product appealing may rent space for an advertisement on your site. If you have a blog that receives a significant number of well-targeted visitors, selling advertising space can be a great alternative to the Adsense PPC model. Other options abound. Chikita mini-malls, using your blog as a way to launch affiliate sales, text link programs, the new MSN contextual advertising program and a host of alternatives are available. If Adsense doesn’t work for your blog, or you cannot use Adsense, there are some other credible ways to make your blog a financial winner. Adsense may be the biggest game in town, but it certainly is not the only one! Joe Hebert is the webmaster of PPC Search Engine,

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