Health Benefits of An Effective Pedicure

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b999868c8240ab1ee9352a3ac437b076On a daily day when we are up and about, our feet carry our total body weight and walks about 8000-10000 steps on a normal day. Any day we are overworked, usually, the first signs of tiredness are aching feet and calf muscles. Very often feet are probably the most ignored part of the body when it comes to personal care unless they start aching. Pedicures or foot reflexology are a great way to take care of feet to keep them supple and healthy.

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Benefits of Pedicure:

Pedicure takes care of the entire feet including cleaning of feet and toenail care and calf muscles. Feet come into contact with a lot of dust and dirt and are prone to fungal infections if not kept clean. A pedicurist can detect early signs of fungal infections, corns and bunions that can be very painful and get rid of them can be even more distressing. A pedicure will keep your nails clipped and clean eliminating dirt and prevents nail diseases and foot odour. A pedicure includes soaking feet in warm water, massaging with oils and lotions ensures that it keeps the feet moist and prevents blisters and cracking of feet. Moisturized cuticles keep the nails from growing out with ridges or split ends which may raise the nail out of the nail bed. Often our feet are a major portion of our body that gets tanned due to excessive exposure to sunlight. Pedicure exfoliates the feet by removing dead skin cells which also prevents the formation of corns or bunions. Removal of dead skin from heels ensures that they remain smooth and attractive.

Our body protects the skin surfaces that are most prone to friction by the formation of calluses. Although calluses are a protective layer, they are thick and hard layers of skin that are often dry and feel uncomfortable. The skin may even breakdown leading to the formation of sores or ulcers. A pedicure can ensure to keep these problems away. Proper moisturisation keeps calluses away.

Most of all, those who are familiar with acupressure techniques and practices know that our feet have major nerve endings and identifying accurate pressure points help relax and soothe other ailing body parts too. A pedicure, although applied to the feet, affects the entire body and relaxes it. Massaging of feet promotes efficient blood circulation and relieves tension and reduces pain in other parts of the body too. It even relieves pain in joints to an extent. Healthy feet are essential for our overall well-being, and even if you don’t go to a salon you can pedicure for yourself at least once a month.

Pedicure Style and Types:

The usual pedicure at most salons begins with a warm footbath. In the warm footbath, the softened dead skin is removed by brushing the feet and the softened cuticles are pushed back from the toenail with the help of Q-tip or orangewood stick. The toenails are then clipped and the feet are massaged with a moisturizing lotion. The toenails are then coated with nail polish.

Paraffin pedicure is a slightly advanced pedicure technique. It follows the regular pedicure method but with an additional step that involves dipping the feet in warm paraffin wax which is massaged into the toes, feet and leg up to the calf muscles. Paraffin is an oil based wax and helps hydrate the skin and is known to alleviate pain.

French pedicure varies from the standard pedicure in the step wherein the ends of the toenails are painted with white polish while the rest of the nail may be painted any other colour. Gel pedicure is another technique to the standard pedicure in which a clear coat or coloured gel is applied to the toenails to extend the life of pedicure and to prevent the polish from chipping away.

A recent trend in pedicure is the fish pedicure. The Doctor fish are also known as Garra rufa, nibble fish, Kangal fish or bonefish are used to clean the feet. These fish feed on dead skin on the feet and clean them away. They do not have teeth to chew away on the healthy skin so they do not harm while nibbling away on the dead skin leaving a tingling sensation. Several health related aspects have been raised with this technique and the chances of spread of diseases, but then it sure does look very appealing and feels equally relaxing.

While giving yourself a pedicure soaking your feet in warm soapy water for even 10 minutes is more than enough to soften dead skin. The dead skin may be scrubbed away with a pumice stone or an emery board. Metal foot scrubbers potential slough away too deep and are not an ideal choice. After the scrubbing, the toenails may be trimmed or filed as necessary. While trimming take care not to trim too deep as there are chances of injury and may even lead to ingrown toenails. A few millimetres of nail peeking over the toe are ideal for protection. The feet and lower legs may then be properly massaged with oil or lotion for moisturisation. The toenails may be painted a colour of choice or left to shine in their own clean healthy colour.

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