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Blogging and RSS News

1) SEO & More Offers Free Whitepaper on Blogging and Search Engine Visibility (PR Web)The search engine optimization and marketing firm, SEO & More, has released a free whitepaper titled ?Boost Your Search Engine Visibility With Blogs And RSS.? [PRWEB Oct 11, 2005] 2) New Media Picks Of The Week: Sharewood Picnic 24 ( Picnic […]

What New Data Tells Us About Blog Advertising

The issue is something I’ve never considered before – a company can effectively attack competitors through the use of blogs. Sometimes companies disclose their status as a competitor, but typically they do not. This issue, more than anything, raises the question of how credibility is built with a particular blogger or group of bloggers. This […]

Blog Inclusion

Historically, when a new form of media has been first introduced, it is usually funded through contributions. However, though there are a few tv and radio channels that are still supported by donations, mostly every form of media enjoyed by the public today is sustained by sponsors. Many believe that the commercialization of blogs through […]

Blog Inclusion – An Overview

Many people may be asking themselves, what is blog inclusion? Basically, blog inclusion is accepting money in exchange for mentioning a company or a product on your blog. Note that this does not necessarily need to be positive feedback – companies might want their products and services to be reviewed for market research purposes or […]