Vital Points Related To Waterfalls In Tirunelveli

Waterfall is a spot that is preferred by numerous people in order to relax and enjoy nature, especially during the hot seasons. In fact, the waterfalls can also be stated as the natural spa. There are numerous hidden advantages when a person takes a bath in the waterfall. As many people know the climate in Tamil Nadu is hot and a very good place that has many waterfalls is Tirunelveli district. It acts a very important reason for numerous people to choose this place to visit during their summer vacations. Some key points related to the waterfalls situated in the district are listed below in a very detailed manner.

Courtallam: Courtallam is one of the most famous waterfalls in Tirunelveli in fact among India. This is a natural waterfall that has numerous subsidiaries for it. The climate and the drizzle in this place enchant the tourist and makes them chose this place as their vacation spot over and over again. This wonderful spot gets more amazing with the cool breeze. In fact, this place will be liked by many kids too as the monkey are very common in this place. The view of water falling from great heights will be very beautiful to watch. The apt season to visit this place is between May to September. These waterfalls will be falling at eight different places at various heights and force. Their names include main falls, Kundaru Falls, small falls, old courtallam falls, five falls, Tiger falls, honey falls, shenbahadevi falls, and milk falls. Most of the people love to visit the main falls only.

In fact, the government of Tamil Nadu has made proper arrangements that enable the tourists to take a bath and enjoy the falls round the clock. In fact except the honey falls all the other Falls will be illuminated even at night. As a matter of fact, it is believed that the water from the falls filled with wonderful medical qualities due to the different types of medicinal plants available in the hill. People suffering from various health problems like chronic headache, rheumatic pains, and nervous disorder will visit this place for treatments. And in many cases they are successful too. But it is necessary to plan a long stay for this purpose. There is a lake named as Melavannamadai near the main falls where boating is allowed during the season time i.e. in the months as June – September, which acts as an added attraction to the tourists.

agasthiyar fallsAgasthiyar Falls: Agasthiyar Falls is also known as the Papanasam Falls, which is situated in the western Tirunelveli about 42 km away. This falls is named so because of the reason Lord Shiva and Parvathi gave an appearance to the Sage Agasthiar in the same spot. The natural beauty of this place is very attractive. Papanasam also means sin absolution. So many people prefer this place for spiritual reasons too. There is a temple near this falls, and Papavinashweshwara is the main deity of the place.

Manimuthar Falls: This falls is very apt tourist spot, and many people might have already heard of the famous Manimuthar dam too where many people flock towards during the time of vacation times. This is a very popular natural waterfall that will flow year round. The bike riders will find this place highly adventurous. And also there is a lake of 90 feet deep situated near the falls making the spot highly picturesque and lovable. This place is about 35 km far from the proper Tirunelveli city. It will not be very hard to reach this place as there are numerous public transport facilities that allow the people to reach the place very safely.

Tirunelveli The Ancient City of Temples


Ancient City of TemplesAbout the City
Tirunelveli is one of India’s richest cultural and religious cities. The city houses many magnificent temples and shrines. It is a rich and fertile land covered by paddy fields. It has a beautiful landscape with some prominent and sacred hills on which sects of devotees worship. Tirunelveli is in the state of Tamil Nadu and about 700 km from the state capital, Chennai.

The roots of the people of Tirunelveli are deeply set in Hinduism. There are other religious sects including Christians, Muslims and Jains in the city as well. The city enjoys a peaceful, harmonious and good blend of the different religious sects. However, it is Hinduism that gives the city its face and bears the rich cultural heritage. The architecture, art, sculptures and great edifices are what make the city famous among tourists. Some of the temples in Tirunelveli are briefly described below but a visit to the city will unravel more than you can read about.

Nellaiappar Temple
This is one of the largest temples in Tirunelveli and the largest Shiva temple in Tamil Nadu. It is located at the centre of the state. The architecture is splendid and its huge sculptures beam with glamour. Nellaiappar Temple is a twin temple dedicated to Lord Shiva and the Goddess Parvathi. Its huge towers can be seen afar off. The temple dates back to AD 700. Some of its remarkable features worth seeing include; the Golden Lily Tank, the Hall of a Thousand Pillars and Musical Pillars. It is adorned with rare jewels. The temple has cars to carry tourists around. It has one of the heaviest and largest human powered car in South India weighing about 400 tons. The temple houses a large garden of colourful and fragrant flowers that was founded in 1756. In the midst of this garden is a 100 pillar square.

TempleSankaranarayanan Koil (Sankarankovil)
Sankaranarayanan Koil Temple is one of the oldest temples in Tirunelveli which is about 900 years old. It is dedicated to Lord Shiva and Vishnu and the two together are called Sankaranarayanan. In the temple is a massive dome (Gopuram) which is 135 ft high and with 9 tiers. It is an interesting site to visit, especially during the festival of Adi Tapas celebrated between the July and August.

Ulagamman Temple
This is one of the major temples built by the Pandya kings. It is located in Tenkasi (South Kasi). The temple is dedicated to the Hindu deity Kasi Visvanathar, a form of Lord Shiva. Ulagammam temple also has a massive dome (Gopuram) which is the second largest in Tamil Nadu. The temple has one of the nicest architectural designs in a distinctive Pandya Dravidian style. One of its nicest features is the intricately carved musical pillars characteristic of all Dravidian temples.

Venkatachalapathy Temple
Venkatachalapathy Temple is one of the oldest temples in Tirunelveli and can be located in the village of Krishnapuram. It is dedicated to Venkatachalapathy, a form of the Hindu deity, Lord Vishnu. The temple site is about 9000 years old but its current structure is about 700 years. It has a brightly adorned and colourful Gopuram.

Other Ancient temples in the City
Other ancient temples in and around the city worth visiting are; Sri Chekkadi Saasthaa Temple for Lord Ayyappan, Mela Thiruvenkatanathapuram Temple with Lord Srinivasa’s statue, Vaithya Lingam Temple, Azhagiya Kootthar/Sivagami Ambal Temple, Sri Varadharaja Perumal Temple on the banks of Thamirabarani River and many others.

Access to the City
Access to Tirunelveli is easy. The city is well connected to the rest of India and the outside world by rails, roads and even by air. The nearest airport is at Tuticorin, about 22 km from the Tirunelveli. Its railway system is one of the oldest connecting cities like Nagercoil, Kollam, Sankarankovil, Tiruchendur and Madurai.

For those desiring to visit and stay a while, there are numerous modern hotels to choose from. Hotels include the three star RR Inn, Hotel Aryaas and many others. There are nice guest houses and inns to lodge in.