Save Yourself From The Supermarket Trap

The Supermarket racksEach and every inch of a supermarket is designed in such a way that customers tend to spend more. All the attractive products are stacked to gain your maximum attention. The shopping cart was invented around 1938 so that people are able to shop more with convenience. Today it has become a tempting device, ironically. The best strategy of a supermarket is that they put all the expensive items near the front door. Fresh items like floral section and baked goods are expensive, so they are kept near the front door supermarket racks. Customer cannot enter the store without having a view of it. Majority customers are attracted in this way to look at the items which are freshly available in the store. These are high margin departments so supermarkets try every possible strategy to sell them. Moreover when you encounter these sections with an empty cart our spirits are suddenly set high.

Floral section and fresh baked goods have a very beautiful smell. Good smell activates our salivary gland and we become impulsive. This sudden impulse tends us to buy even those items which were not in the list. Moreover these departments are just so colorful that everyone is attracted to at least have one look on them. It makes you willing to spend. Supermarket business is a complete tempt. When one goes for shopping it is really difficult to return without any extra purchases from our list. Most of the people are seen to buy something extra besides the list. On top of that many times there are expensive products in the category of the product you want to buy. The more expensive products are set in the place which appeals you the most. Suppose you were about to buy a particular brand’s shampoo but later in the supermarket you see there are some new buys in the category though expensive but you will surely be tempted to buy them.

The most essential product like the dairy product are placed on the back wall so that to reach them you have to travel through the entire store. While passing by many products will attract your attention, you will even be tempted to buy a few of them. These are only few of the marketing strategy I mentioned there are many more they practice. Rack design of a supermarket is very important. All the tricks are based on the rack design and location. Have you ever noticed in a supermarket you move from right to left. It’s not your fault, the super market is designed in that way. In this way most of your required things are to your right side. These are the item you are most likely to buy. The lesser priced items are kept in the lower racks and the most appealing items are keep in place where you have direct eye contact.

Things at the eye level catch your sight first then you search for the item you really wanted. Many in this place tend to buy the item that first catch their sight. Ever noticed in a supermarket that expensive brand cereals are placed at your eye level and the bulk cereals of low cost are kept at the bottom. Many people get attracted to the products they see at their eye level, though it is expensive they tend to buy it. Items related to kids like candies or expensive sugary cereals are placed at the eye level of a child so that they see it and get tempted to ask their parents to buy it. It becomes easy for the kid to grab that item. Though it is expensive once your child sees it they won’t stop without getting it in the cart. It is just the supermarket racks design that has all tricks to play.