San Andreas

San Andreas

This year has seen the release of many good movies. Ones with good story lines, graphics and effects. San Andreas can be ranked as one of them. The movie was released in May in both 2D and 3D motion pictures. The plot is okay, and the stunts and thrills just fascinating. It was directed by Brad Peyton, with the main character being “The Rock” (Dwayne Johnson) known in the movie as Raymond “Ray” Gaines. The screenplay writer is Carlton Cuse. Andre Fabrizio and Jeremy Passmore are co-authors. In just a month of its release, San Andreas has grossed over $ 350 million far above its budgeted sum of $ 110 million. The movie is doing well.

The plot is about a Los Angeles Fire Department (LAFD) pilot, “Ray Gaines”, who flies his helicopter to save his family from an earthquake wrecked California (San Andreas). The massive magnitude 7.1 earthquake that ripped apart the city was triggered by an unknown fault near the Hoover Dam. Caltech seismologists Lawrence Hayes (Paul Giamatti) and Dr Kim Park (Will Yun Lee) were just at the point of making a breakthrough with the development of an earthquake prediction tool when this unfortunate event occurred. The quake raptured the dam, killing Park. Right after the first fault, a second also shifted, triggering another massive quake of magnitude 9.1 which ripped apart cities along the fault line. The quake reached Los Angeles and destroyed a major part of the city.

San-AndreasThe brave Ray managed to save his estranged wife Emma (Carla Gugino) who was also in Los Angeles at the time with her new boyfriend’s sister, Susan (Kylie Minogue). Susan died but the two luckily escaped on-board Ray’s office helicopter. They set off to save their daughter Blake (Alexandra Daddario) after receiving a call from her of her location. She was in danger just like the rest of San Francisco. To add up to the confusion, chaos and mayhem, a tsunami also hit San Francisco with maximum force. Ray with his wife Emma managed to save their daughter from drowning in the building in which she took shelter with a few others. The two pulled her out of the water and saved the others from the collapsing building into a boat. Ray performed a CPR on his daughter reviving her. They all escaped to a safety camp outside the city.

It is justifiable that everyone looks out for his family and friends in times of disasters like this. This is exactly what Ray does, but many critics think the line the plot towed was dumb. I believe fans who love thrilling and adventurous movies will have a different view. The events, drama, suspense and thrills all blend together perfectly. After all, the hero and his family survive. The turn of events is excellent. The story line is clear, understandable and flows pretty well. The sound quality is good. The movie is actually Warner Bros’ first movie released in Dolby Cinema. The special effects are outstanding and the visuals sharp. The movie is a must watch.

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