Use Formula Fields to Enhance Your Salesforce

Formula Salesforce

Salesforce is committed to ensuring that your business thrives and grows in leaps and bounds. To show its unrivalled dedication to this worthy cause, the Salesforce Formula Fields has been developed to make the running of businesses very easy.

Salesforce Formula Fields can have a tremendous impact on your salesforce as it has proven to be very helpful with respect to any data that is found on your records. It is instrumental in performing calculations within fields, fields manipulation, showcasing varying images where a certain principle is inculcated as well as displaying data.

Fortunately, Salesforce Formula Field is very easy for everyone to learn, as anyone with a good background in Microsoft Excel can easily come into terms with it. The features vary from those of the conventional fields and they cannot be manipulated as the values are hidden in the “Object” section located at the formula editor.

To begin with, it is imperative to know how to create a formula field and then go ahead to exploit the options available. This process is no different from the other fields and simple as well. From the page setup click on New and locate Formula. The next step is to select the type of formula field you desire to formulate.

The type of formula selected will determine the nature of the output that will be churned out. So you have to make sure that the type of formula you choose represents the output you can derive. For instance, if you select a Date formula field, you can never input numbers in those fields.

formula salesforceSalesforce Formula Fields have outstanding features and layouts that can be easily understood. It has a formula creation page that deals with both simple and complex formulas as far as your input data is concerned. In fact, the formulas learnt in salesforce are very useful and can be built upon in other areas.

Similar to Microsoft Excel, Salesforce fields have features like operators, insert fields and functions that make the salesforce industry very easy to acclimatise. The operators are responsible for the testing and evaluation of data whereas the functions are advanced form of the operators and are responsible for data transformation and calculations.

The functions also contain IF statements that can test your data and make comprehensive comparisons on a specific data. For instance it can be used in the calculation of basic commissions on opportunities and can also be used in the calculation of annual revenue generated.

One positive thing about formula field is that it can be used to display images as output. This makes users easily comprehend and interpret whatever output they want to bring on board. For example, in the determination of the total revenue of a business enterprise, you can decide to use images instead of numbers to show the intensity, that is how high or otherwise the amount is.

Salesforce has a list of several images that can be instituted in the formula field to bring out the best output and a couple of them can be found on their website.